Gut Health

Key Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Although Diatomaceous Earth is a little complicated to pronounce and it sounds unfamiliar to most, don’t let that make you ignore the amazing benefits it has for various parts of the body. Diatomaceous earth is a natural white powder, which is completely tasteless and is made up of the mineral silica. Silica is used throughout our bodies for healthy organ, bone and tissue functioning. It’s great for a clean digestive system as well younger looking skin, healthy nails, and healthy locks.

Digestive System

Diatomaceous earth can help in cleaning your digestive system. It assists in the elimination of harmful bacteria and toxic metals from your intestines and digestive tract. In doing so it promotes and supports a regular digestion pattern and it is incredible for bloating. Who doesn’t want a flat stomach? As it is tasteless, it can be added to any of your favourite drinks, smoothies, and foods.

Prevents wrinkles and sagging of skin

Our skin is held together by collagen and elastin. These two elements are essential for healthy, glowing complexions. When these begin to diminish, skin will be prone to sagging and wrinkles. Diatomaceous earth is excellent at supporting tissue function. The retention of collagen and elastin relies on certain carbohydrates, which hold skin moisture. These incredibly important molecules react well to diatomaceous earth, confirming skin stays younger looking for longer.

Promotes hair growth

Hair responds positively to diatomaceous earth due to its silica properties. Those who are experiencing hair loss simply need to increase their silica intake to see the growth rebound. As with many nutritional changes, it can take a few weeks before you will notice any new hair growth, it takes time for new hair to start developing beneath your scalp. On the flip side, even if you aren’t deficient, having added silica in your system can work wonders for your hair – hair will strengthen, shine, and improve its overall thickness.

Reinforces nails

Nail beds, much like hair, are made up of silica, so they respond nicely to the silica content in diatomaceous earth. They will be improved and grow more rapidly, preventing them from breaking and splitting.

Enhances immune system

The silica found in diatomaceous earth can play an essential function for good immune health. It assists in a biological response to harmful bacteria, parasites, allergens, viruses, and can promote antibody responses. This strengthens the immune system so that certain illnesses can be avoided.

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