2020 - The year I will never forget.

I still remember the first month of the pandemic as if it was yesterday.

All I saw on every media outlet was that those with underlying health issues were the most vulnerable. My husband had type 2 diabetes and my son had asthma. My only thought was how I could lose them both. Having witnessed my husband being in hospital 2 years prior due to pneumonia, I never wanted to feel such helplessness again.

After the initial panic of the first month, I switched off the news and decided I would research all I could about auto immune diseases and that started my obsession with the immune system.

I learned how 70% of the immune system resided in the gut, and that we could actually help strengthen the immune system through making informed choices about the food we ate and improving our lifestyle.

My kitchen turned into what looked like a health store! I bought a multitude of vitamins and minerals and started making healthy smoothies for all the family.

My obsession turned into a passion and instead of binge watching tv I binged on health-related documentaries and blogs, thus Mind and Bodee was born. My family did contact the dreaded virus in Dec 2020 but thankfully none of us were seriously ill.

My purpose in life is to help others to improve their immune system by bringing them fantastic products from around the world which are sustainable, natural and most importantly from brands that are in alignment with our company ethos.

Nazia Begum, Founder of Mind & Bodee

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